Filter Coffee-Drip Method







Ensure that your coffee is medium ground.

Use 90 to 110 grams as desired of ground coffee for standard-size 10 to 12-cup coffeemakers.
Use 11 grams per serving for manual coffeemakers.


This type of coffee is considered the most common way of having a full-flavored cup of coffee. We have a few tips to ensure you get the best out of filtering coffee.
For rich & full-bodied cups of coffee, we recommend stainless steel filters and plastic screen filters; if using paper filters, it is recommended to rinse them with hot water to wash out the papery taste. Please note that coffee can be kept on a warmer or hot plate for 30 minutes before the flavor becomes bitter. Re-heating the coffee is even worse. An airtight thermos preserves flavor for several hours if you filter the coffee first. But even filtered coffee will develop a thermos taste, so brew it fresh instead for a small effort and reward.