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Multiple Tastes of The World’s Best Quality of Fresh Coffee Since 1969

Brewed Coffee

Recommended: Special blend medium roast (Ethiopian + Colombian)

Custom blend: Available Light, Medium, and Dark roast of the Ethiopian and Colombian beans blend as desired.

Price SAR71/Kg


Percolator coffee generally turns out stronger and bolder. It has a similar almost-bitter flavor to Coffee made with a French press, although it has a deeper aroma because it’s brewed several times. Unlike a French press and other pure-over coffee makers,

Price SAR71/Kg


The Italian blend, Selected coffee beans roasted carefully to reach best extraction results.

Available for Electrical Espresso machines and stovetop pots.

Price SAR71/Kg

Flavored coffee

Selection of high-quality coffee flavors

Medium roast only

All flavors are available in whole beans and can be ground to suit your application.

Price SAR80/Kg

Creamy French Coffee

A unique combination of Coffee, milk, hazelnut, and Chocolate for a rich, creamy cup of Coffee made from scratch at our premises.

Price SAR84/Kg

Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee is a style of Coffee prepared in a brass pot or stainless steel pot using very finely ground coffee beans without filtering.
Lately, it has been a favorite for many coffee drinkers.
We offer many blends to suit almost every taste

Price SAR71/Kg – With cardamon SAR71/Kg

Saudi Coffee

Bayouni Saudi coffee with cardamom is the right blend for customers who seek to enjoy the authentic taste of traditional Arabic coffee.
Note: Add Saffron spice to serve outstanding taste and aroma.

Price SAR64/Kg – Add Saffron +SAR34/Kg

Black tea

Specially selected and imported Kenyan black tea.

Price SAR42 2*750G Box

Price SAR21 750G Silver Bag

Green tea

Green tea has been shown to improve blood flow and lower cholesterol.

Price SAR54/Kg