Vacuum pot (Syphon)

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BAYOUNI'S vacuum pot coffee(Syphon):

Giving directions are for alcohol lamp vacuum coffee makers.

For best results:

  • Make sure all your equipment is cleaned to remove any rancid coffee oils from a previous brew and rinsed to remove any detergent residue.
  • Ensure your coffee ground medium/coarse depending on the fineness of your machine filter.
  • Vacuum coffee makers will only produce good results when used to full capacity. Do not try to halve the brew by using less water and coffee - your results will be less than satisfactory.


  • Pour boiling mineral water in the bottom bowl and place the filter into the funnel of the top bowl. Carefully twist the upper bowl in the bottom bowl.
  • Put your ground coffee in the upper bowl.
  • Place special alcohol flame lamp, which equipped with the machine under the vacuum pot, and light it (Read manual to ensure safety).
  • Wait for the water in the bottom bowl to boil. It will rise up the funnel into the top chamber. It is normal for there to be some water remaining in the bottom chamber when the water has finished rising - this helps to protect the bottom jug from being spoiled by the heat.
  • Once the water has finished rising, keep flame led under the pot and stir at least 30 seconds, then put out the alcohol lamp by covering it with its special metal cap.
  • Now, wait as the filtered coffee return to the bottom bowl.
  • Once the coffee has migrated to the bottom bowl, gently remove the upper bowl and grounds.
  • Pour into pre-warmed coffee cups and enjoy.
  • The alcohol lamp vacuum pot gives you entertainment as well as great coffee.

Some models of vacuum coffee makers are made to use on stovetop and others are electrical.