Electric - Espresso / Cappuccino

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BAYOUNI'S Espresso/Cappuccino

Tips: Ensure that coffee is ground fine, with a very fine gritty texture.
A single serving requires approximately 7 g. or 1 Tbs. of espresso.
Traditionally, espresso is served in a single gulp to enjoy the fullest flavor.
Espresso is the process that we use to extract all the oil from ground coffee beans (under high water pressure). The face of coffee should be able to hold 1 tsp. of sugar for a few seconds. The espresso machine was designed to do this job.


  • In the Coffee, holder place 7 g of Coffee or 1 Tbs. Per cup.
  • Ensure that the Coffee in the holder is lightly firmed down so that a level Coffee surface results.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions after this point.

For Cappuccino:

After steaming the milk with the steam nozzle, Pour out the frothy milk carefully on top of the Coffee, and just before you reach the top of the cup scoop extra froth on top of the drink.
Tip: Sprinkle some cocoa powder or cinnamon powder on top of whipped milk, when desired.