Manual Espresso / Cappuccino

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BAYOUNI'S Espresso / Cappuccino:

Ensure your coffee is ground correctly to suit each application.
Ensure that coffee is ground slightly granular.


  • Unscrew the two halves of the machine.
  • Fill the bottom half with mineral water to a specified level.
  • Replace the Coffee holder and fill with freshly ground Coffee.
  • Screw the top half of the Coffee maker to the base and place it on medium heat. When the pressure is great enough the water in the base will be forced through the Coffee into the top section of the machine.
  • Serve immediately.

For Cappuccino:

Bring approximately 1/2 cup of milk (per serving) and place on low/medium heat, whip continually until the milk becomes foamy, pour on the coffee, and enjoy your cappuccino.
Tip: Sprinkle some cocoa powder or cinnamon powder on top of whipped milk, as desired.

To clean: Wash your coffee pot thoroughly and keep apart until completely dry to avoid rust and stains.