Filter coffee / Drip Method

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BAYOUNI'S Filtered coffee/drip method:

Tip: Ensure that your coffee is ground slightly granular.


Use 7g or 1 Tbs. per cup to give a full flavor. For smaller Coffee cups, a proportion of 2 measures to 3 cups may be preferred, refer to machine manual.

This type of coffee considered the most common way of having a full-flavored cup of coffee. We have a few tips to share with you to ensure you get the best out of filtering coffee.
For rich & full-bodied cup of coffee we recommend stainless steel filter and secondly plastic screen filter, paper filters add a papery taste and filter out some of the coffee flavor. Therefore, it is better to rinse them with hot water to wash out the papery taste. Please note Coffee can be kept on a warmer or hot plate for only 30 minutes before the flavor starts to become bitter. Re-heating the coffee is even worse. An airtight thermos preserves flavor for several hours if you filter the coffee first. But even filtered coffee will develop a thermos taste. Brew it fresh instead, for small effort and reward.